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Located at Potters Hotel Brewery Resort Wine Country Dr Nulkaba NSW 2325














Hunter Porter is a an easy drinking brown ale with a range of mocha-like flavours. This trophy winning (2010 AIBA Champoin Porter) beer is a flavoursome and approachable brown beer.

Hunter Porter


4.5% ABV

American Bitter

4.0% ABV

American Bitter Decal small

A spritzy refreshing ale, citrusy lemon flavours, very light bodied and refreshing. On a warm day this won't touch the sides.

Slaked Magpie

Ale Dorado

An American pale ale; tasty refreshing lots of tropical fruit flavours and a touch opf candy sweetness.

We brewed a dark beer for people who don't drink dark beers. Imagine a beer with coffee or chocolate flavour, a beer with a touch of sweetness, a beer with a hint of vanilla -that's the Magpie! Our head brewer, Keith, says "It's a perfect beer to pair with chocolate cake and vanilla bean ice cream. It's a dessert beer. Beer it's not just for breakfast anymore." UPDATE MAY 2016 - Our Slaked Magpie was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2106 AIBA international beer competition.

4.5% ABV

5.5% ABV

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Something about Goats and Wheat

7.2% ABV

Bread crusts, raisins, clove, banana and some alcohol make for a surprisingly refreshing and very merry combination in this cool weather treat.

something about goats and wheat small