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Located at Potters Hotel Brewery Resort Wine Country Dr Nulkaba NSW 2325















A refreshing German style golden ale, perfect for summer drinking. Pale gold colour with a light honey-biscuit malt character, subtle passion fruit and pineapple flavours are delicately balanced with a light bitterness and drying finish. A Kölsch is delicious with salad, seafood or bruschetta.

4.5% abv, malt: lager, hops: super alpha & tettnang, yeast kolsch, 15 IBU, 1.5 EBC.


Brewed with fruit and spices this Belgian style wheat beer is a summer time staple for many visitors. A fluffy white head caps this hazy golden ale. This is one of those beers that improve with every mouthful and on a warm day you can’t help but order a second glass. Try a Witbier with mussels prepared in a Witbier broth with a little coriander and chilli added!


Easy drinking beer with a sweet ginger thing going on. Ginger lovers are fans of this beer!


Well our brewers got bored and started playing with our lager, they change the recipe every time they brew. What can you expect? A European style lager brewed with 100% European ingredients, a slow cool ferment and extended lagering time. It makes for a quality lager that has flavour - just the way we like it.

Pale Ale

Rich passionfruit and grapefruit flavours balanced by caramel and toasty biscuit malt sweetness – a flavour sensation! This American style pale uses four US  hops that give citrus character and plenty of bitterness. Try this beer with spicy Asian, a burger with the works or a chunk of stilton.


A dark German lager with hints of biscuit, breadcrusts, raisins and expresso. Long lagering times have produced a dark beer with a creamy smooth mouth-feel that makes this very popular. Comfort food is a great match with this beer – try it with lamb shanks or a beef casserole. If you feel adventurous sip on some while you’re eating chocolate cake.

4.5% abv, malt: wheat/pale, hops: super alpha, other: coriander, orange & lime zest, yeast: belgian witbier, 19 IBU, 2.5 EBC.

4.5% abv, malt: pale/wheat, hop: super alpha, other: fresh ginger, yeast kolsch, 21 IBU, 15 EBC

4.8% abv, malt: pilsener, hops: saaz, yeast bohemian pilsner, 35 IBU, 6 EBC

5.2% abv, malt: maris otter/crystal,hops: cascade/amarillo/mosaic/simcoe, yeast london ale, 45 IBU, 9 EBC

6% abv, malt: munich/vienna/lager/caramunich, hops: northern brewer/hallertau, yeast: bohemian lager, 48 IBU, 33EBC





Pale Ale

Bock   (2018 AIBA champion dark lager)


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