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How do you celebrate 10 years of making beer? The brewery crew at Hunter Beer Co. thought the answer was obvious - you make more beer! Hunter Beer Co. is celebrating its 10th anniversary by releasing a series of ten beers over ten weeks. The ten beers include a couple of the brewer’s favourite drops, a couple of past seasonal releases with a twist and a range of beers brewed for the first time. Release of Beer #1 took place on the 5th October and the last beer will become available on the 14th December.


Brewing at Hunter Beer Co., alongside craft beer nationwide, has grown from strength to strength over the breweries ten years of operation.


The range of beers produced has grown from an initial release of three beers under its own label to a regular offering of six beers and up to 30 seasonal releases over 12 months. Hunter Beer Co. has expanded its range of beers over the years to encompass a great balance of beer styles from easy going and very quaffable through to scary and very challenging. The brewery has brewed classic styles, classic styles with a twist as well as exotic and experimental beers that cater for everyone from the beer novice through to the most experienced craft beer enthusiast. Mr Grice said “The brewery crew enjoy the challenge of producing high quality and consistently flavoured beer, but we love seasonal releases. The opportunity to brew such a wide range of styles and play with ingredients lets us be creative and, quite simply, is a lot of fun.”


The technical quality of the beers has always been good, but has improved with the brewery regularly being award medals at Australia’s most prestigious beer competitions. Over the last ten years Hunter Beer Co. has been awarded over 20 bronze medals, 30 silvers, the occasional gold medal & a couple of trophies at the Australian International Beer Awards, Sydney Royal Beer Show & the Royal Perth Show.


The volume of beer brewed and sold each year has grown & extra fermentation capacity was installed late 2012 to cope with the increased demand. Currently 4 to 5 batches of 600L are brewed each week with an annual production of approximately ~110,000L per annum.


During the ten years of brewing over 50 different malts and 30 different hops varieties have been used alongside countless less tradition ingredients including: vanilla, nutmeg, raisins, cinnamon, allspice, figs, plums, oranges, lime, rhubarb, salt, pepper, oysters, coffee, chocolate, apples, raspberries, blueberries, honey, coconut, almonds, cherries, chamomile, mango and ginger; to name just a few.


Mr Grice said;


“The most challenging beer I have ever brewed was a collaboration (in the days before they were called collaborations) with Doc of Doctors Orders Brewing fame – the beer was a salty coriander sour beer based on an historical style called a Gose. The brew day was a nightmare, everything that could go wrong did go wrong; a stuck sparge, gravities too high, gravities too low, equipment break downs. Not the sort of day any brewer wants to have, but the beer was great; really out of the box, tart, lemony, salty and refreshing.”


“I don’t really have a favourite beer; we have brewed and enjoyed some cracking good beer over the years. If I have to pick some stand outs they would include a big stout, IPA, porter, a mighty fine chamomile flavoured Belgian triple & probably our yearly Christmas Beer. But, I genuinely think our year round range of beers is great and you will find me sampling all of our six regulars at different times of the year.”


The majority of beer is sold on site, both on tap and in the Hunter Beer Co.’s hand-bottled champagne bottles. A growing demand for craft beer locally also finds Hunter Beer Co beer available in a number of local restaurants and venues with a craft beer focus. Hunter Beer co. expects to celebrate production of 1,000,000 liters of beer within the next twelve months.



Choosing to celebrate 10 years of brewing by making beer was a simple decision, but choosing what to brew was cause for much greater discussion. Head Brewer, Keith Grice, said “We talked about brewing a single celebratory batch, but realised we could have a lot more fun if we brewed 10 different beers. Brewing so many beers is a huge challenge for us, but it gives us the chance to play around, enjoy ourselves and gives all the brewing team the chance to add their own personal touch.”


The first of the ten beers was released on Sunday 6th October and the last will be released mid-December. The beers to be released include some of the brewer’s personal favourites, a few past releases, but with new twists and some original creations that the brewing team hope will become new friends. Hunter Beer Co. is located in Hunter Valley wine country at Potters Hotel Brewery Resort, and provides an oasis of beer in a desert of wine. Visitors can sample the breweries beers at the brewery where the beer is brewed.



For further information, images or an interview, please contact:

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Head Brewer, Hunter Beer Co.

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